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Hi there! My name is Matt, co-owner/programming monkey of, If you're reading this game you've probably begun, or got stuck on, Arcane. Arcane is probably my favourite rusty game to date, however it's also quite a tricky one! Never fear, the guide is here! As usual we have supplied this guide as a helping hand so you can get the most out of our game. Enough babble; let's jump right in and start! level 3

Starting off

After watching the cut-scenes which should clue you up on what the game is all about (as well as a cheesy, yet somewhat satisfying, re-spawn explanation ;)) you'll be presented with a nice tidy tutorial. Read through it and familiarise yourself with the control scheme.
Done? Good :)

Level 1

You haven’t got enough cash to buy anything yet, you may as well move straight on. You are battling the second best student in your school. Since he is second best, you should have too much trouble beating him by just constantly mashing at the left mouse button.

Level 2

You've got a bit of cash now so throw away your small sword and get the big'en. The next level is, again, pretty straight forward. A good tactic (as you'll notice throughout the game) is to wait until 2 guys are fighting, and stab one from behind. This is great for a cheap and nasty kill. We're not here to fight fair after all.

When the battle is over, do it again. This will give you more then enough cash to move on. level 4

Level 3

Remember to beat level 2 twice. Now you've got enough, buy your first bow. The bow is my favourite type of weapon as you can stand far back (to avoid strong melee assaults) and of course, get headshot :). If you sell your current armour, you'll also have enough for the best armour available.

As soon as you start gobble down your damage-boosting potion and go crazy! Whenever your health drops below 50% use a health potion. If you use the bow from a distance you should be able to beat the level without dieing once!

Level 4

Sell off your armour and buy the best on in the shop.

Again I just gobbled down both potions at the start and opened fire on my opponents. I think it's best to defend at the bottom left of the screen, being careful not to be surrounded. Just stand there with the bow getting back-shots on your enemies and you should be able beat the level first time.

Level 5

You have unlocked your first team mate! Team mates can be very helpful, but can also cost you a lot of points if you don't equip them properly.

Give your friend your sword and armour, and buy the next best armour for yourself. As a general rule I find equipping team mates with better armour is a much better investment then weak armour and powerful weaponry.

The best tactic for this level is to stand on the top floor near the statue of the golden woman. When your enemies try and jump up to attack you, they must first jump right, so you can almost always score a back-shot on them for an instant kill. The only exception to this is when they respawn behind you, in which case you can usually trick them into falling off anyway :)

Do this level twice to grab some serious dough. level 7

Level 6

After beating level 5 twice sell that rickety old bow of yours and buy a shiny new one.

I generally like to stand in on the middle floor of the level and shoot anyone who dares come up. The bow is powerful enough to penetrate their armour almost every time, so this level should be more then easy.

Level 7

Give your armour to your buddy and buy the "Lizard Skin" for yourself. Your days of slowness are over; this armour is super-speedy! Sell the left over armour

Stand in the centre of the level where 4 paths meet. I find this the best place to get easy back-shots. Again, your bow should be able to overpower your opponents so this level shouldn't be too hard.

Level 8

Transfer your armour over to your partner and buy yourself the best available. Sell the remaining.

Sticking to the left hand side of the top level of the map should work quite nicely. If the other teams start to score against each other and take your lead, you may need to come off the defensive and actively hunt down your foes. level 8

Level 9

Again, sell the worst armour, buy the best, and swap them around so you have the best armour and your buddy has the second best. You'll notice a new bow weapon. You shouldn't need this to beat level 9 so you can wait for it.

This level is actually quite tricky at times. You must actively seek your opponents otherwise they will tear each other apart without you! Best thing to do is find battles and keep your distance while shooting arrows at their backs. If someone (probably the purple player) takes the lead, try and aim for them first. Also other bowmen are easier to kill then melee attackers (due to lack of a shield).

Level 10

You'll need the new bow for this one, so either redo a level, or sell your partners armour and replace it with the best one you can afford after buying the new bow. For the rest of the guide, I'll assume you sold his armour and replaced it with "Kharmic armour". You can then give your buddy your old bow.

The first boss level. After the cut-scene get ready, because this is a toughie. The boss is very powerful and can kill you in 1 hit usually. Your best bet is to stay at the top and wait for him to turn his back. Back shots and head shots are obviously ideal, but more often then not you'll find he out manoeuvres you. If he managed to corner you, it's actually safer to run up to him and try to shoot him in the head while being beaten by his axe rather then face his arrows. It may take a couple of tries, but once you beat him you'll get a cool $28,000 and a new team mate! level 2

Level 11

With your spoils I suggest you buy the best armour and go back and beat the boss for a second time. With this much cash you can afford to buy top armour all rounds. Also buy your new team mate the best melee weapon. You've got yourself a pretty nicely kitted-out squad now. Time for a battle!

This level is very difficult. Possibly the most difficult in the game. Your team mates let the side down big time and you'll often find their score increasing hugely even though you aren't dieing. Best thing to do is keep at it, try and back up your team mates as much as possible. After a couple of tries you should be able to beat it.

Level 12

Sell that rusty old bow your team mate is using. Give him yours, and buy a brand new gold plated bow. The sell all your armour and replace them with the "Five God's Plate". This armour is super resilient against bows, which is very handy for long ranged strategies (which is what this guide is based on!)

On this one I would suggest staying underground to the right. Try and trap your team mates in with you so they don't cause any trouble elsewhere. Play defensively and this level should be easy.

Level 13

Best armour all around. This armour has high defence for both melee and bow attacks. On top of that it is also very fast.

With your new kit, this level should be a walk in the park. Just stay in the middle and try and stick together with your team. Their armour won’t block many arrows so you should not have a problem.

Level 14

Sell two suits of armour and buy two of the best.

The reason you only need two of the best armour is because this level is a 2 vs. 2 vs. 2. This level is very difficult. Try and aim for the greens as they have bows and are therefore easier to hit. If you have the opportunity for a back shot on a green or a blue, go for the blue, they have shields which make them a lot tougher to beat on their own.

Level 15

Buy another 'Red Army Vest' and sell the old armour. Replace all your team's weapons with golden bows.

You are outnumbered on this next level, oh well more for you to kill! You have kitted out your team with bows and the opponent happens to be wearing armour which is almost useless against bow attacks. This comes in very handy and you should be able to bag yourself an easy victory. If possible, aim for the bowmen first, they'll be easiest to kill. Main menu

Level 16

Trade in your gold bow for the new bow. Also, trade in your armour for the best one.

This is probably the easiest level. You are outnumbered five to one, however this means you just need one headshot before you die each time and you'll defiantly win. Personally I managed to win first time with only 6 deaths. When you spawn, try and run into the nearest corner so you can't be surrounded. Then just keep getting headshots as fast as you can.

Level 17

Buy the best armour and sell one of your team mate’s armour. Give him yours then equip the best one yourself. Also replace your team mate’s bow with the newest one.

Stick together with your team mates, try not to get surrounded. It's a difficult level and requires skill, but you should be able to beat it more or less first time.

Level 18

Replace your final team mate's bow with the best. Replace his armour with the same as your other team mates ('Unfathomable Skin'). Sell all your bows and buy 3 of the best melee weapons you can afford.

This is the first level which I found was a lot easier to use the melee weapons with. Just run up to the nearest bad guy and start beating him. If you start to get ganged up on, run to your team mates. You should be able to win first time. Your team mates will also be useful for once! Do this level 2 more times!

Level 19

After doing Level 18 a total of 3 times, you'll have a stack of cash! Sell everything you own. You should now have about $1000000. Get yourself 3 sets of 'King's Armour', 1 of the best bow and 2 of the best melee weapons. If you're short for any reason, go back to an easy level for some more cash. Equip everyone with the best armour and use the bow yourself.

This should be super easy with your kit. I managed to win with only 4 deaths in my first try.

Level 20

Replace your 2 melee weapons with the next best. This is actually pointless as the final fight is 1 vs. 1, but I like to do it anyway :)

The boss is tough, but beatable. If you stay at the very top of the level and headshot him every time he tries to get up, you'll find this fight quite easy. Just don't get too close to him or he'll melee you to death!

Once you defeat him, enjoy the rather corny outro :)

Well done, you beat the game!

level 1
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hey matt if youre gonna read this on level 12 its actually better if you and your teammates to get the minions carapace armor and the blue-ice-whatever-its-called spear instead. i justed tryed it and i won on my first try.....just to let you know..
Posted 9 years ago
Yaay 1st Comment!!
Just to say that at the start of the game, you said that we could'nt buy anything. Just to point out that you can buy the red armour, but I don't know about the hammer. I'll go check..

Keep up the good work on making these games, Rusty Crew,
Peace Out!
- Spartan_F03
Posted 10 years ago




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