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This is a text walkthrough for the game “I remain” for those of you who don’t want to go through a whole YouTube video. Here you can quickly look trough the list and see the point where you are stuck.


I remain Kitchen

  1. Take the hammer and the nails in the table.
  2. Combine the hammer and the nails and use it in the open door.
  3. Go to the kitchen and take the magnet.
  4. Go to the living room and take the blanker.
  5. Pick the curtain rod and the small clamp.
  6. Go to the next room and open Drawers to get the basement key.
  7. Go to the kitchen and with your new key open the basement door.
  8. Enter in the basement and pick the nails box.
  9. Combine the nails with your hammer.
  10. Go out of the basement; go through the house again until you reach the corridor.
  11. Use the nails and the hammer in the zombies to keep them away.
  12. Enter the bathroom and pick the grungy old tub and the Extension cord, them go out.
  13. Now enter the guest room pick the bed sheet and combine it with your other blankets.
  14. Open the closet and pick the fuse.
  15. Go back to the kitchen (the place you start the game).
  16. Put the fuse in the fuse box in the last socket (you will fry the zombie in the basement).
  17. Now remove the fuse and put it back in the third socket, now go back to the basement. I remain Basement
  18. Check the body and in the pockets you will find the bedroom key.
  19. Now try to go under the stairs and pick the blanket in there, combine it with your other pack.
  20. Now go to the corner of the basement (where you can see the propane gas hose).
  21. Plug the clamp in the propane hose.
  22. Take your Grungy tub and fill it up with water in the basement.
  23. With the key you got from the dead zombie go to the locked room in the corridor.
  24. Get in the room and pick the bed sheet, a driller and a fishing hook over the safe box.I remain Corridor
  25. Now this is a lilt bit tricky in the corridor there’s a door in to the attic, use the Curtain rod on it to open it.
  26. Now go to the attic and use your hammer on the grey bricks in the corner.
  27. Put your extension cord trough the hole.
  28. Go down to the living room and plug the extension cord that’s now coming out of the chimney.
  29. Go back to the attic and plug your driller to the extension cord. Use it to take the bars off.
  30. Throw your packet of blankets trough the window and go straight to the van.
  31. Now in the Van pick the rubber boots and the sump pump parts
  32. In the front of the vehicle pick the desk drawer key and the fishing float.
  33. Go back to the house and enter the bathroom.
  34. Mix the magnet with the fishing float and throw it in the hole.
  35. Now pour the water from your pot in the hole.
  36. Pick the Van keys and go to the living room, open the desk drawer with the key you got in the van.
  37. Pick the pen and paper.
  38. Go back to the van use the van key and open the glove box.
  39. Pick the electrician gloves; turn the lights of the van on.
  40. Go back to the kitchen and put back the fuse in the last socket.
  41. Go down to the basement and the pump parts in the broken sump pump.
  42. Now with your electrician gloves push the button to drain the water.
  43. With your driller open the iron box in the basement over the table.
  44. Pick the binoculars, a fuse and go back to the kitchen.
  45. Put the new fuse in the empty socket and head back to the van.I remain Van
  46. Go to the front of the van and using your binoculars check the note in the wall
  47. Now use the pen and the paper to write what's in there.
  48. Go back to the house and get in the master room.
  49. With your pen and paper open the safe box and take all you see in there.
  50. Go back to the Van head to the front and plug the spark plugs in the engine.
  51. With your van key turn on the van and escape.
  52. END.I remain END
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