Arrival In Hell 2 Walkthrough

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Arrival in Hell 2 Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough for the long awaited sequel to Arrival in Hell!


Content table:

  1. Introduction.
  2. The Wardens Office (The red door)
  3. Killing the beast in the nursing room
  4. Opening the secret floor door
  5. Escaping Kalengo's Cell
  6. Escape from Sector B
  7. Opening the warehouse
  8. Final Scene
  9. Alternate endings
  10. The Timeline of Events Secret room
  11. Secret items

Introduction     Arrival in hell hero

So, in the first game our protagonist blew up the beast and now in the second instalment he has found himself trying to escape from the prison to freedom!

The more observant among you will notice this walkthrough is quite wordy and opinionated so, if you like, you can just skim through reading the items in bold and locations in italics. On with the guide!


The Wardens Office (The red door)

This is the longest part of the game so your moves, here will make it easier for later. On the first screen you're going to need to grab the shiv on the floor, and other then the er... 'interesting' hanging corpse, that's all there is to do on this screen. So move down into the Corridor where you'll be greeted by a new kind of beast... cute.

Arrival in hell 2 scene 1

After the cut scene with the rather unconvincing scream, you need to pick up the blue wire. Move over to the Watchtower entry next.

There are no items in the alley, so don't bother looking. Move into the Alley yard and pick up the propane tank. Open the leather bag to find a Caulking gun, grab that too. Head back to where you came from and this time enter the Watchtower. Grab the crowbar and switch on the flood light, then head back two screens to the Main corridor.

Now the previously dark and scary basketball court is now lit up, not so scary after all. We don't need to go in here yet, so move on to the Second corridor. Grab the bucket on the floor then head into the Guard's office.

Grab the Security pass on the table, then use the shiv on the mop to bag yourself a Wooden stick. Use the crowbar on the boarded up door and enter the Kitchen.

Grab the Zip-lock bag and the Ratminator sticky paper. Why at this point the guy is picking up such a bunch of junk is a mystery to me, but in the interest of progress I'll overlook this. Now move back two screens to the Second corridor again.

Use your newly acquired Wooden stick to knock down the Aluminium powder. Move back into the Main corridor then enter the Basketball court.

Arrival in hell 2 scene 2
You can see a screwdriver on a man's hand in the hole in the wall. You can't quite reach it and the stick isn't going to work, so you need to combine the Ratminator sticky paper with the Wooden stick to make yourself a Ratminator stick. Use this to reach the screwdriver and then exit the basketball court and return to the Second corridor.

Use your screwdriver to remove the Card reader from the wall. Take this back to the Main corridor and combine it with the blue wire. Use the complete Card reader on the wall where the old one broke. Finally use your Security pass to enter the Wardens Office.

Talk to Magda who will tell you she's lost her insulin and can't be bothered to find it herself, typical. On your way out grab the fire extinguisher. Head back to the Kitchen. Use the fire extinguisher on the fire and enter the Work area.


Killing the beast in the nursing room

Arrival in hell 2 Beast

Grab the Greasy rag from under the rubble. Use your Zip-lock bag on the little pile of Iron oxide powder. Open the drawer to find the Adhesive. Try and open the door, you'll see a familiar friend inside.

Now we need to take care of the beast in the most elaborate way we can think of. So first of all we're going to need to combine our Caulking gun with the adhesive. Use the finished product on the door and the air vent. Now stick your propane tank through the air vent as well. See where this is going? Place the rag under the door and then use your lighter on it. Hey presto one dead beast. Go through the massive hole in wall.


Opening the secret floor door

Use your shiv on the beasts stomach to get yourself a circular saw, as you do. Use the crowbar on the trap door on the floor, followed by your circular saw. Descend into the Hideout.

There are some collectables on the wall but they are beyond the scope of this walkthrough, help yourself if you like. Once you've finished, go up into Kalengo's cell.


Escaping Kalengo's Cell

 Arrival in hell 2 kalengo room
This is the strangest and most difficult part of the game. Although I'll tell you what to do, I've still got no idea why. First of all grab the Necro alchemy book, the Female badge and the Blood test tubes. Next walk over to the bars and you'll get some weird ass cut scene. Use the blood on the bars, then combine the blood with the badge, combine the bloody badge with the book. Finally use the book on the bars. Now, I've no idea what we've just done, but somehow we're free, so let's not ask too many questions and just move on.


Escape from Sector B

Sector B is very dark, so move over to cell 64 to see if we can't find some way of lighting up the room. Oh look, some highly flammable vodka, now that's luck [removed][removed] y. Grab the Vodka. The wall looks suspiciously like it's made of wax. Our shiv can't cut through it because everyone knows only hot things can cut through wax. Heat your shiv with the lighter then use it to cut open the wall. Don't get too excited by the "Ases in my Ass" poster, and also don't get too disgusted with the awful spelling! Anyway I digress, grab the insulin from the secret stash. How Magda managed to lose this in a waxed up secret wall I don't know. Move back to Sector B.
Arrival in hell 2 chuppa
Pick up the trash can and fill it with Vodka. You can now see Chuppa, the crazy guy, has somehow managed to escape his previous cell and wind up in this new one. This hasn't disheartened him though, as he is determined to escape using his shovel. Just talk to him and he'll trade it from some imaginary magic beans or something. Then use it to escape. Why you needed a shovel to move about three stones out of the way is also beyond me. Maybe the protagonist doesn't want to ruin his perfectly manicured nails or something. Anyway, you've arrived via the previously inaccessible hole in the basketball court. If only he'd thought of crawling into that hole we wouldn't have had to go to all that trouble to get the screwdriver, furthermore you wouldn't of had to worry yourself with that darn beast. Oh well. Return to Magda and give her her precious insulin.


Opening the warehouse

Arrival in hell 2 Warehouse

After some more cringe-worthy dialogue, she gives you another random element. What's with all these strange chemical compounds we've been collecting? Oh that's right, we are of course going to use them to create a bucket of thermite, because the creator of the game has been watching too much Brainiac! Joking aside, go ahead and mix the two powders, put them in the bucket and chuck the Magnesium strip on top. Voilà, thermite. Go back to the Starting point and use the Thermite on the melted door. Go inside.

When you first enter the Warehouse the first thing you'll notice is that the room is immaculate. This game is spookier then I thought. Grab the gas and the GPS and then use your screwdriver on the air vent. More corny dialogue and a free useless collectable item, result! Head back to Magda.


Final Scene

Arrival in hell 2 Magda

Luckily she is busying herself with some overdue paperwork, so you can grab her radio which for some reason she left on top of the shelves. I won't dwell on the fact she's kept her radio on the desk all this time, and then for some reason felt like a change and left it on the very top of the shelves. Anyway, finders keepers, grab her radio and leave. You'll be greeted with a rope, use the gas and the GPS on the rope to get another awkward cut-scene whereby you'll be told all that effort was for nothing, and in fact Magda thought this would be the perfect time for a practical joke. Don't worry we'll get our own back in an amusing and harmless way. Grab the pilots radio and go back into Magda's room.

Put Magda's radio back on the shelves and you'll be shown another cut scene. I told you we'd get our own back on her. I wonder how we knew the flying beast would show up, oh well don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Move through the vent into the Warehouse. Go into the Starting point and combine the rope and the crowbar to make a grappling hook. Use this on the broken ladder. Congrats, you won, but don't be too pleased with yourself, after all you did use this walkthrough ;)


Alternate endings

Arrival in hell Chuppa and hero

In the walkthrough above I've only listed the most difficult ending to get. There is two more alternative endings.

To get the second ending, once you pick up the pilot's radio, instead of going into Magda's room, go back to where you found Chuppa. He will come with you and you use your grappling hook to escape with him.

The final ending is literally just using the grappling hook as soon as you can(without putting Magda's radio in back or going to Chuppa).


You can get this 3 endings in a row if do it the right way. When you play tryi doing the simpler ending first (as soon as you get the grappling hook go the point where you started the game use your hook in the ladder and escape the place, after you see the movie (or skip it) go back to the game, pick the pilots radio and look for Chuppa now escape again trough the ladder to get the friendship ending. Finally go back to the game and put magdas radio back where you found it and enjoy the show!


The Timeline of Events Secret room

If you managed to get the 3 endings in a row you unlock a secret screen called the timeline of events, where you can understand a little bit more whats going on in the story and how everything happened. You can unlock The Timeline of events if you Collect the 4 secret items.

Arrival in hell 2 escape

Secret items

There are four secret items to collect in the game.

The Cruise tickets can be found on the desk after Magda leaves her room.

Magda's secret can be obtained by using the screwdriver on Magda's insulin.

Kalengo's farewell letter can be obtained by using the lighter on the blank papers found in the cell.
Mucus trophy is given to you when you save Chuppa.

That's all for now; I for one am looking forward to seeing more cringe-worthy dialogue and horrendously delightful voice acting, let's hope we get an AIH3!

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