Mr. Schyzo Cheats List

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The complete list of all the Mr. Schyzo Cheats, including the secret Mr. Schyzo CheatsCheat as well!


The cheats are in the achievements section, the purple button with Mr.C on it. You should have enough souls to trade for each cheat, roll over each one to see how many souls you need to trade and the Question for it.








1-"Money for Souls Cheat"

"Name the cartoon characters, appearing as pedestrians in the game, to trade 50 souls for 200 in chash."

The answers are this, without quotes:

1.  "Peter Griffin"

2.  "Glenn Quagmire"

3.  "Goku"

4.  "Popeye"

5.  "Waldo"


2-"HP for Souls Cheat"

"Name the titles of the five songs used in this game, to trade 25 souls for 10 HP points."

The answers are this, without quotes also check the other songs from this artist, they are awesome:

1.  "Intense Shit"

2.  "Clam Hat"

3.  "NESxcore D&B"

4.  "A Space Odyssey"

5.  "A Piano Song"


3-"Rage for Souls Cheat"

"Name the anime characters with a power similar to the soul sucking ability, to trade 100 souls for 20 Rage points."

The answers are this, without quotes:

1.  "Tobi"

2.  "Madara Uchiha"

3.  "Kakashi"


4-"Damage for Souls Cheat"

"Name the programmer, artist, music composer and sponsor of this game, to trade 150 souls for 1 extra damage point for each weapon."

The answers are this, without quotes:

1.    "Cicla"

2.  "Taylor Payton"

3.  "BAZmotherfucker"

4.  “”


5-"Boxes for Souls Cheat"

"Name the two main characters of this game, to trade 20 souls for 1 extra box."

The answers are this, without quotes:

1.   "Mr. Schyzo"

2.  "Mr. Conscience"

Theres last Secret Cheat that you have to find for your self, just look on one of the pedestrians T-shirt and he will give you a clue!

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