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Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

cicla says:
We just uploaded a new game called Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

Gather as many food and drinks as you can with NYAN CAT! Warning: NYAN CAT: Lost in Space with music is seriously addictive! Play with NYAN CAT only at your own risk!

The game got 10K+ likes, rated 4.7 / 5 on MyLostGames, based on 300+ votes :)

Nyan Cat Lost in Space also available on AppStore, 4.5+ rated, have fun! :)

NYAN 2.0 available!

- Wide screen
- Gems added
- Supernyan invulnerable
- Low platforms balanced

Check it out here:
cicla (Administrator) has made 886 postsPosted 7 years ago
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