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Last Guardian

cicla says:
We just uploaded a new game called Last Guardian

Not only you'd need to be swift and precise, you also need to be tactical in summoning the power of the Gods and improving your character.
The future of Kingdom Origaming lies in your hands!
- Easy control: Mouse only + numerical keys to summon vengeful spirits
- Addicting gameplay: You'd unknowingly pass more than half an hour playing through the game
- Amazing graphics: Smooth animation and full painting game background
- Exciting BGM to boost your mood
- Challenging Bosses (on level 15 & 25)
- Secret Achievements: Some of the achievements need a twist of your mind!
- More than 1 hour long gameplay!
- BONUS Challenge Mode: Unlock 3 very challenging bonus levels.

Check it out here:
cicla (Administrator) has made 886 postsPosted 6 years ago
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