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Game Info

Score: 3.80/5
Inside you will find:

15 Different Weapons:

::Battle Cannon: Acc: 5 Dmg: 5 Rate: 4
Decent damage make this a very versatile weapon. Although suffering from slower fire rate and accuracy.

::Machine Gun: Acc: 2 Dmg: 2 Rate: 6
Good rate of fire but suffering from mediocre damage makes this weapon extremely limited to taking out infantry waves.

::Shotgun: Acc: 3 Dmg: 6 Rate: 4
When held still the tight spread allows this weapon to easily take out light vehicles.

::Sniper Rifle: Acc: 10 Dmg: 4 Rate: 3
A very accurate weapon fairly effective at taking out infantry and light vehicles and has the penetration power to hit multiple enemies at once.

::Flak Cannon: Acc: 3 Dmg: 4 Rate: 6
A deadly weapon against lightly armoured foes. Area of Effect fragmentation bullets shred infantry ranks.

::Heavy Cannon: Acc: 4 Dmg: 8 Rate: 2
Blessed with an amazing damage and splash however suffering from a slow rate of fire.

::Motar: Acc: 4 Dmg: 6 Rate: 4
Firing the shells at a high arc this is a indirect fire weapon that can lob shells at foes beyond the first screening ranks of infantry.

::Rocket Launcher: Acc: 2 Dmg: 10 Rate: 1
Firing a salvo of rockets at the foes powerful enough to knock out heavy tanks and entire ranks of infantry. However the rocket launcher is a spray and pray weapon suffering from terrible accuracy and slow reloading means long waits inbetween missed shots.

::Flame Thrower: Acc: N/A Dmg: 5 Rate: 10
A truely devastating weapon, assuming its in range. Its only downside is its incredibly limited range.

::Plasma Cannon: Acc: 5 Dmg: 7 Rate: 5
Super heated gases expelled from the barrel are hot enough to melt the thickest armor and vapourize anything else. Massive splash and decent firerate make this a balanced weapon choice.

::Guided Missile: Acc: 10 Dmg: 7 Rate: 3
Almost 100% guarenteed to hit its target with its lethal seeker missiles you barely have to aim at all.

::Spotter: Acc: 7 Dmg: 10 Rate: 1
Using its laser sight to spot foes the Spotter calls in missile strikes destroying any foes in the blast. This weapon needs a little skill to get good with it as it suffers from slow fire rate so every shot counts.

::Gauss Cannon: Acc: 7 Dmg: 10 Rate: 4
Firing a super dense round at near light speed this weapon has the power to punch holes through tanks and kill 4 people behind it. Truely devastating and fun to use.

::Chain Gun: Acc: 3 Dmg: 3 Rate: 10
Compensating for its weak damage and inaccuracy the chain gun fires an insane amount of ammunition at its foes riddling foes like swiss cheese.

::Arc Cannon: Acc: 3 Dmg: 7 Rate: 5
Firing an Arc of electricity this weapon melts tanks and vapourizes infantry as well as bounce around the screen in a extravagant light show.

3 Super Weapons:

::Artillery Barrage: Cost: 100 Pts
Firing 3 shells into the battlefield this weapon is lucky if it hits anything at all.

::Air Strike: Cost 300 Pts
Jets fly low wiping a line of enemies off the the face of the earth with an impressive air show.

::Nuclear Warhead: Cost 800 Pts
Despite its cost the Nuke can save you from nearly any predicament vapourizing the battlefield scouring the hills of any life. And its pretty cool to watch :D.
Author: Carlton Graves Plays: 34218 Votes: 406 Added: 11 years ago Tags: defense turret war


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ok they fixed it :) (but those mochi shitheads can still burn in hell :))
Posted 10 years ago
this was an amazing game and i loved to play it all the time. but i cant any more, because those shitheads at mochigames killed it, literally. Now, whenever i try to play it i have to download tracking cookies onto my computer by clicking on their stupid ads to make them go away, and once they do i have to stare at "thank you for watching this ad. game developers appreciate it", what should be the new name for this game, for all eternity. I was so upset to find out they took over bloons invasion and renamed it "blooms invasion 4", making so many things cost money, including things that were in the first games, there is no point in playing it. And then they grabbed shopping cart hero 2 destroying your ability to save so the only way to beat it is to stare at a computer screen until your eyes liquify. Next they wrecked "SAS: zombie Asylum 2" which has a save feature for your hours of slaughter but you have to spend money on it, you would be better off spending that money on Call of Duty: World at War and playing Nazi Zombies, which is basically the same game. Plus they created the "tactical chainsaw", which is a complete oxymoron, and is no different than a regular chainsaw. And this, the death of Omega Turret Defense, with its blood on their fat, bloated hands is the last straw. Nothing would make me happier than to watch these stains on the online gaming community eat their own shit until it explodes out of their puny, corrupted little brains and shatters their skulls. If anybody reading this belongs to them, you are only helping them to ruin every single online game on earth, which is their ultimate goal in life. you can also die along with the other 140,000,000 people who taint computers world wide. DEATH TO THE MOCHISHITHEADS!!!! LONG LIVE RUSTYARCADE!!! LONG LIVE GAMING SITES EVERYWHERE!!! LONG LIVE FREEDOM, HAPPINESS, AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!(p.s. i wouldnt be surprised if Osama Bin Laden was a huge supporter for them and if you never hear of Eliminator6 again its because they hacked this site)
Posted 10 years ago
Bazooki says:
JUst use shot gun until you can get the guass gun, chian gun or arc cannon
Posted 10 years ago
Not bad, but some of the weapon upgrades aren't really upgrades at all.
Posted 10 years ago
iamal says:
Posted 11 years ago

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