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Below are some commonly asked questions about the website.
If you have a question which is not answered below, please get in touch!


Q. Why should I sign up?
A. You can start earning experience points and collecting RA Tickets, comment on games and blogs and your user account can also be used to play any multi-player Rustyarcade game!

Q. What is experience points (exp)?
A. Experience points are obtained by voting on games. You can get one exp per game per day. The amount of exp determines your voting power. The more exp the more power your vote is worth!

Q. I signed up, but didn't get an email.
A. Some junk mail filters catch the email as junk, specifically hotmail. Please check your junk folder, and mark the email address as safe for future developments.

Q. What are RA tickets (little orange ticket things)?
A. They're a points system that runs along side experience points. If you vote on 5 games within 24 hours, you will gain 1 RA Ticket. There will be more ways to gain tickets in the near future. We've not yet let on what their use is, but all will be revealed soon!

Q. When do you add new games?
A. We currently try to add new games every week however you can subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified immediatly when new games are added. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Q. Can I submit my game to Rusty Arcade?
A. If you think you have a pretty cool game and it's not on the site already, send us and email and we'll check it out!

Q. Do you sponsor games?
A. We are usually open to sponsorship, drop us an email if you have a game completed you'd like us to consider.

Q. Do you swap links?
A. Generally, no, but we will consider advertising proposals.

If you have any more questions or whatever, feel free to contact us.

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